The Presence app helps you to awaken your conscience and increase your personal happiness. It helps you to find inner peace and greater satisfaction in your life.

The Present moment At the perfect moment
During your day-to-day activities, you forget to be present and you put off until tomorrow, promising that you will make more inner space. But because your daily activities are so important, you neglect this aspect that you have already recognized as important. Vigilance, the awareness of the present moment. The app "Presence" offers help. A 10 second pause at random intervals. A signal to remind you to be present. An opportunity to take a single conscious breath that will be enough to create a space where there is an uninterrupted flow of thoughts. By being aware of your breathing, you are directly brought back into the present moment, the key to any inner transformation. If you have more than 10 seconds, open the app and read the message that accompanies the signal. It has been written for you and it will generate within you a feeling of well-being. Occasionally, you will receive a guide that goes well with your activities.

Lien d'intérêt: Eckhart Tolle | Michael Brown

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