About The Presence App

The Presence app helps you to awaken your conscience and increase your personal happiness. It helps you to find inner peace and greater satisfaction in your life.

The Presence show texts to you at times of the day, at random but respecting a range of predetermined hours.


1-      Go in the side menu 'Schedule time period'. Choose a day in the list.

2-      In the field 'Reminders by day', enter the number of reminders (maximum 4 per hour or 96 by day). Set the minimum and maximum hour to receive the reminder and push the 'Save' button. Push the 'Ding' button and set the volume level.

3-      Repeat the same for the other days.

4-      Push the 'Ding' button and set the volume.

5-      Return to the main page and push on the 'alarm clock' icon to activate the reminders you did set up.

6-      If you already bought the 'Add personal text' in the menu 'Option', you will have the possibility to add new text. To do so, go in the side menu 'Add personal text' push the 'Edith' button and enter your personel text. In the 'Signature' field, you can enter your name or a book title and the writer’s name. Choose the language of your text and push the 'Save' button.

7-      To share your persoanl text, go in the side menu 'Add personal text', choose a text in the list and push the 'Share' button. An hourglass icon will display next to the text in the list. When the text is processed by the server administrator, the icon will change. The 'Share' icon means that the text is available for another user. If you are registered, you will receive new personals texts from the server.

8-      To subscribe, go in the side menu 'My account' and fill in all the fields and push the 'Register' button. If you just want modify your account information, push the 'Save' button. If you want Unregister, push the 'Unregister' button.

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